What is this blog?

What will this blog cover? Some undergraduate level maths, with a main focus on group theory.

Who is this blog aimed at? Anyone who wants to see some university level maths. You might be thinking of doing maths at uni, doing some maths uni, or just be interested.

When you start out doing something, it’s worth thinking about why you are doing it. Why am I writing this blog?

1) To present the ideas of group theory in a way that hopefully builds intuition and gives some motivation for why I care about groups.

2) To think about how I’d teach group theory. Once you have a reasonable overview of a subject, a subject often seems much easier than when you first encountered it. Could there have been a more natural introduction of the ideas to get to your current level of understanding? Working out the order to introduce topics is really quite an interesting task. I thought I’d have a go.

I hope you enjoy reading about group theory.

What is this blog?

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